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What Should You Expect

A Comprehensive Financial Plan - together we will develop a comprehensive financial plan to help you achieve your long-term financial goals. If there is a part of the plan that is outside my areas of expertise, I will bring in another professional to help.

Investment Strategy - I like safe solid & balanced investments. I have a contrarian style, where I get more aggressive when prices are low and more conservative when markets are over priced. Everybody has heard the slogan - Buy low and sell high - but few practice it. I have met investors who've lost 50% or more due to advisor incompetence or their own. I ensure that doesn't happen to my clients.

Service Commitment - to meet regularly with my clients. To ensure your plan remains on track and to make adjustments where market conditions or life events demand.

Value Added - I believe informed and knowledgeable clients are more satisfied. As a result, I have a strong commitment to client communications through regular email bulletins.

The Introductory Meeting - In the initial meeting I will evaluate where you currently are. Determine where you'd like to get to. Discuss what is important to you. Determine if there is an opportunity to further our relationship.